The Project is a non-profit project, organized and directed entirely by volunteers and volunteers. It was created to share useful and verified information on the Coronavirus event spread in Italy in 2020.

The aim is to verify, aggregate and label reports of various kinds, in order to put in contact requests for help and offers of goods and services.

It also collects and publishes solidarity and cultural initiatives aimed at promoting and implementing telecommuting and distance education.

Finally, we collect regulations, institutional directives and data.

We do not intend in any way to replace institutional sources of information to which we strongly refer for reliability.


So far, we have handled 817 reports, accepting and verifying 763, distributed as follows:

154 Deliveries and commissions

36 e-learning distance education

20 Women

29 Fake News

52 Institutional sources

135 Useful information

62 News

161 Fundraising

231 Services and private solidarity initiatives

117 Services and public solidarity initiatives

85 Psychological support


Every software components we develop is released under an Open Source license that allows its reuse and promotes its development publicly.

The data we collect and produce are published and kept updated as [Open Data].

Where deemed useful, the entire infrastructure is reusable by organizations, associations, informal groups and even public administrations that need a service to inform and respond to the covid19 emergency.

The project is described through our [wiki].

The idea and also a large part of the project is from the same team that developed the Terremoto Centro Italia project.

Here is the team of volunteers working on this project in Italy but we wait the help of other many civic hackers in world that want to help people in this difficult period!

Be part of our community on Github Issues or on our channels and make possible that this project can help people of all the world!


Tecnologies Reused